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What happens when you blogsurf hungry…

28 Oct

Never visit food blogs on an empty stomach. You will deeply regret it, especially if the photos are of foods thousands of miles away. Let me tell you, it will leave you with an aching in your belly and a somewhat depressed level of happy hormones (aka endorphins).

Let me retrace my steps for you now so you can suffer with me–we’re in this together.

1. This post on Shao Bing You Tiao on




With my interest piqued, I, of course, clicked on the link to this guy’s blog. Bad idea.

2. Oyster Omeletes on


Now I really want to hop in my car for a quick trip to Monterey Park/good ol’ San Gabriel Valley. And of course, being me, I couldn’t stop at that…

3. I can taste it on my tongue already…thanks



Gosh darn it! Now I REALLY want to go to SGV (San Gabriel Valley)…but dim sum won’t be served again until 11AM tomorrow.

Now at this point, I’m quite hungry and nearing the grouchy threshold so I am going to take a short break from foodblog surfing.

Be back later, La Poubelle.


-Chumbawamba (I think this suits my mood quite well right now.)



To get you in the Halloween spirit

24 Oct

This year Serious Eats is counting down the last 12 days until Halloween by dressing up Dumpling, their French Bulldog mascot, in 12 different Halloween costumes. So far he’s been dressed up as a taco, grapes, ketchup, and a pig.

My favorite so far is the pig costume:

Robyn Lee/

What’s your favorite?

Quick and Interesting Read

20 Oct

Photo from: EndlessSimmer

For your lunchtime reading enjoyment.

P.S. This photo of Padma Lakshmi illustrates Hannah’s (the article’s author) observation perfectly.