…the blogger

Hello blogosphere! This is me, E.Kim, the writer of La Poubelle!

I’m currently pursuing a B.S. (no, not bullshit) in Kinesiology and a B.A. in East Asian Languages and Cultures with an emphasis in Japanese Studies at the University of Southern California in lovely South Central L.A. I ultimately hope to pursue a career in Physical Therapy after receiving my doctorate of Physical Therapy from USC.

I love to cook and eat great food, drink red wine (I’m a cabernet sauvignon kind of gal), and of course, document my culinary adventures. In addition to my food obsession (which I’m sure is somewhat obvious now), I enjoy designing and producing art.

And just for the hell of it. Some of my current obsessions are: Starcraft II (protoss ftw), Burn Notice, and this site.

…the blog

La Poubelle is a discussion space for all things food and design.

Why name it La Poubelle? Well, long story short, I had no idea what to name this blog. Initially, I tried to think of dishes that incorporated a wide array of ingredients into a beautifully designed package (since that’s what I hoped to achieve with this blog), but I ended up with a long list of foods that only succeeded in making me hungry during my 7-11pm Thursday night class.

So with a hungry stomach and a sore brain, I asked my housemate for suggestions. He quickly suggested La Poubelle (the french word for “trashcan”) since this blog was pretty much where I would be dumping my thoughts, both random and provocative, on food and design.

…thanks roomie. I owe you one!


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