Would you?

12 Jan


As you may have noticed, most of the articles I share with you are from one of these four sites: seriouseats.com, nytimes.com, eatocracy.cnn.com or theatlantic.com. This is mainly out of convenience since I already visit these sites on a regular basis. But sometimes my friends send me links that I just HAVE to share with y’all. One of which is this announcement by a restaurant in New York offering FREE DINNER FOR LIFE.

There’s a catch, however.

You have to be one of the first five couples to propose marriage to your significant other at their restaurant on Valentine’s Day (which is February 14th for those of you who don’t know or might have forgotten).

First, do they really think five couples will take them up on this offer? I feel like this is the making of potentially VERY horrifying stories of a fairytale proposal ending in a quick, dirty divorce. And second, would you feel like it was a sincere proposal if you knew that it was acting like a coupon/voucher? I feel like that could have a sour and potentially fatal (in terms of marriage) impact on any marriage. Or maybe I’m just being pessimistic?

In any case, I hope they require each newly engaged couple to sign a contract stating that the offer will only remain valid for the duration they’re married…


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