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Best lawsuit response EVER

28 Jan




Are you surprised?

25 Jan


Fast food is under attack once again. It was not too long ago that McDonald’s fries–which were found to be incorrectly categorized as vegetarian because of its added meat flavoring–made headlines. This time it’s Taco Bell’s turn to take the spotlight because of the questionable mixture used to make their “seasoned beef” filling. Philip Caulfield over at NYDailyNews writes:

A law firm is claiming that the fast food chain is using false advertising when it says its Mexican delicacies are filled with “ground beef” or “seasoned ground beef.”

In fact, the lawsuit claims, the “taco meat filling” used by Taco Bell contains is only about 35% beef, with binders, extenders, preservatives, additives and other agents making up the other 65%.

And just so you have some reference for what is considered to be “ground beef”, he also provides the USDA definition:

According to the United States Department of Agriculture’s website, “ground beef” or “chopped beef” consists of chopped fresh or frozen beef with or without seasoning, should not contain more than 30% fat and should not contain water, phosphates, binders or extenders.

Is this really any surprise to anyone? I mean, look at the food they sell. It tastes damned good (especially those steak and potato burritos…mmmm) but can barely resemble what it’s supposed to be–especially the “beef” filling.

For some inspiration

13 Jan

As you can probably tell, I’m a huge fan of fusion cuisine. The blending of flavors and pairing of various cooking techniques bring excitement to familiar dishes and adventure to our culinary adventures.

But recently I’ve found myself stuck in a rut. Part of it is the kitchen (I’ve found that the layout and state of the kitchen greatly influences my desire to cook) and the other part of it is my busy schedule. With so little time to cook, I don’t have time to both cook food that I can easily pack for lunch everyday and experiment with new dishes. (I tried to at the beginning of the year but found that I usually ended up with enough time for one experimental dish which I was stuck eating regardless of the results.)

It’s time to change things. And for once, I know where to begin. I stumbled across this article, which features a new modern, cross-continental preparation of soba noodles. From experience, I’ve found that nearly such dishes are never as fulfilling as the traditional zarusoba which is, in my humble opinion, a nearly perfect preparation for these noodles. But this recipe, may change that for me. I’m excited to see how the cumin and pine nuts interact with the texture of the soba noodles and the arctic char (although, to be quite honest, I will probably end up using salmon).

Once I try it out, I’ll be sure to post the results here so stay tuned!

Would you?

12 Jan


As you may have noticed, most of the articles I share with you are from one of these four sites:,, or This is mainly out of convenience since I already visit these sites on a regular basis. But sometimes my friends send me links that I just HAVE to share with y’all. One of which is this announcement by a restaurant in New York offering FREE DINNER FOR LIFE.

There’s a catch, however.

You have to be one of the first five couples to propose marriage to your significant other at their restaurant on Valentine’s Day (which is February 14th for those of you who don’t know or might have forgotten).

First, do they really think five couples will take them up on this offer? I feel like this is the making of potentially VERY horrifying stories of a fairytale proposal ending in a quick, dirty divorce. And second, would you feel like it was a sincere proposal if you knew that it was acting like a coupon/voucher? I feel like that could have a sour and potentially fatal (in terms of marriage) impact on any marriage. Or maybe I’m just being pessimistic?

In any case, I hope they require each newly engaged couple to sign a contract stating that the offer will only remain valid for the duration they’re married…

I’m back!

10 Jan

Hey guys! It’s been awhile since I last updated…sorry about that! I was having fun relaxing during my Winter Break (which was TOO SHORT, by the way). But school’s back in session and that means I need an outlet for me to be productive while procrastinating on important stuff, AKA homework.

For the next couple of weeks, the update will be sporadic since I’ll be getting a feel for how this semester is going to fare in terms of schoolworks and extracurricular activities. But hopefully everything will be back up to speed by the end of February! I’m also thinking about making some changes to the format of the blog as well as the content. We’ll see how things pan out!

In the meantime, check out some of the nomshots I’ve added to the Hawaii section! I made sure to document my food adventures during my time back home for YOUR ENJOYMENT!