So I failed again…

2 Dec

I know, I know. I said I’d have pictures posted from my Vegas trip two days ago. I failed again, sorry guys. But! They’re FINALLY here! I’ve included a few here (along with descriptions of the restaurants) but for all of the pictures visit the nomshots page!

1. Hash House A Go Go

Andy's Sage Fried Chicken & Bacon Waffle Tower--Hash House A Go Go, Las Vegas, NV

If you’re looking for big portions (and I mean BIG) look no further than Hash House! People rave about their breakfast (one order of pancakes can feed 3-4 people, easily) but their dinner choices are also pretty good. I would recommend staying away from their Pork Tenderloin though unless you like really sweet sauces on your chops.

The fried chicken (pictured to the left) is supposedly a New York Times favorite. Did I mention that the waffles also contain bacon? Mmmm!

And their steak is also pretty decent for the price. Ours was a little overcooked (medium-well done instead of medium) but still pretty tender and juicy.

Final verdict? Go if you’re hungry.


2. Mirage Buffet

Cravings Buffet--Mirage Hotel, Las Vegas, NV

Day 2 in Vegas started off with a buffet, and it was pretty affordable at only $20/person–a steal considering most will set you back about $50.

I’m not that big on buffets–I tend to nibble on small portions of food throughout the day–but I had to try one since I was in Vegas. The food was pretty standard. As you can see, they had a pretty wide assortment of Asian food (including some dim sum items I didn’t pick up) as well as South American, American, and Italian cuisine.

Stay away from the sushi though–that stuff was pretty nasty. On the plus side, the Chinese food was pretty good.

The stuff to get at this buffet: the dessert. Everything from the dessert section was delicious–especially the raspberry bar. And if you’re a fan of unbaked cheesecake, check their mocha cheesecake out; it’s super rich and creamy with a punch of coffee right at the end.

3. Otto Enoteca Pizzeria

Rigatoni--Otto Enoteca Pizzeria, Las Vegas, NV

I’ve always been a huge fan of Mario Batali, especially after eating at Pizzeria Mozza, his restaurant in Beverly Hills. So when I heard that he had a restaurant at the Venetian, it sounded like the perfect place to grab a bite to eat after watching The Phantom of the Opera.

We started the night off with prosciutto di parma and butternut squash frittes. The prosciutto was delicious but the butternut squash frittes was pretty mediocre. It lacked a bit in the seasoning and I was disappointed by the lack of crispiness. Had we gotten an antipasti with stronger flavors (like the Salumi) it might have worked better.

I got the Rigatoni prepared with swiss chard, pork belly, and cacio (pictured above) while my boyfriend ordered the sausage and pepper pizza. Both we delicious. Anything with sausage at a Mario Batali restaurant is sure to be good since his father is a sausage maker, and a damned good one at that.

4. Mon Ami Gabi

Beef Bourguignon--Mon Ami Gabi Restaurant, Las Vegas, NV

The best restaurants always seem to be the ones you randomly come across. Mon Ami Gabi is no exception. We had passed the restaurant earlier that day thinking that the food was probably mediocre, but after seeing its 4 star rating on, we took a gamble and made a reservation.

Speaking for myself, the atmosphere for a restaurant is a major component of how I assess the food. Once you step into Mon Ami Gabi, you feel like you’re off in Paris–or some fantastic place far-removed from Las Vegas. The dim lighting, dark varnished wood, and the white tablecloths all added to what was to become an amazing experience.

If you ever make your way there, try the filet mignon–our server highly recommended it and everyone raves about it. When I go next time, I’ll set aside some extra cash for that dish (it’s still reasonably priced at $30). The Beef Bourguignon is amazing as are all the steak dishes they offer.

This is definitely on my list of favorite restaurants.

5. Bouchon

Bouchon--The Venetian, Las Vegas, NV

Sadly, I didn’t eat here. But for everyone who has $50-$60 to spare and are in either Yountville, Las Vegas, or Beverly Hills, you should definitely dine here. It’s my dream to eat at French Laundry, the only 3-star Michelin rated restaurant here in the states, and this place is the stepping stone to that dream. Thomas Keller is a culinary genius!






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