Day of nomtastic turkey is TOMORROW!

25 Nov



That’s right folks, Thanksgiving is TOMORROW!

While most food blogs devote time to answering time-old questions–such as: What’s the best way to cook a turkey? What are the best sides to serve? What makes for the flakiest crust?—I’m not. (Don’t worry. I’ll include some links to posts that answer these questions and more.) Instead, I thought it would be nice to return the focus to WHY we do this every year.

So why do it every year? Thanksgiving dinner (or lunch for you early birds) is quite a daunting task to take on. For me, the reason is quite simple: it’s worth it because with the Thanksgiving feast come great company—whether it is friends, acquaintances, or family—and that’s what makes everything worth it in the end.

Now, although the reason is simple, it probably isn’t the first that pops to mind. (Don’t worry. It took me four years of celebrating Thanksgiving away from home to realize it.) For most of us the main draw is the food, and only the food. The turkey; the sweet and savory side dishes; the endless assortment of desserts; and of course, the leftovers are probably are the only things on our mind on Thanksgiving. But you have to remember that what make the food spectacular are the people who join you for the feast.

Growing up, we always made it a point to have the full Thanksgiving spread: turkey, gravy, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and dare I mention it, my Grandma’s AMAZING turkey soup. But after attending other Thanksgiving dinners, I realized that the food wasn’t as great as I thought it was. Comparatively, my Grandma’s turkey was a bit on the dry side; the gravy was, for lack of better words, different; and even our mashed potatoes (which I thought were THE BESTEST MASHED POTATOES EVER) definitely fell short. But despite all this, I still, without fail, sit at my desk in Los Angeles wishing that I was back at home in Hawaii eating the feast my Grandma had fastidiously prepared.


It’s because Thanksgiving dinner represents a special time for our family. Typical family dinners always have their hiccups that leave a sour note to perpetuate through the evening, but Thanksgiving is the one day when we’re immune from this. It’s also one of the few times when I can spend quality time with my Grandma in the kitchen—a rare, but greatly satisfying treat.

I’m not sure how it is for other people, but I can only imagine that upon further thought, everyone reaches a similar conclusion. Because regardless of what festivities you partake in, you will always remember the day for the memories you made with those that are special to you.

But for those of you who are still holding your breath in fear of how tomorrow will unfold, here are some links to helpful tips to make your Thanksgiving feast. Just remember to keep in mind the other, more important reason, for celebrating Thanksgiving—it’ll do more to calm your nerves than that carefully picked glass of wine.

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For those who still need that glass of wine

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