Fat is smarter than you’d think

20 Oct




Well, at least in terms of where it gets stored in your body.

A couple days ago, foodnavigator.com summarized a study that found different weight gain patterns for the upper and lower body regions. Specifically, weight gain due to increased caloric intake seems to occur at a faster rate in the hip area versus the abdominal region. Why is this significant? It shows that our body may have its own internal mechanism to prevent weight-related diseases:

The findings also support the idea that an increased capacity to produce lower-body fat cells increases protection to the upper body and can potentially help prevent metabolic diseases. The authors said that their findings “potentially provide an explanation for the purported beneficial health effects of leg fat”

What do you think? I’m still not completely sold. To those in the medical field, this is a pretty astonishing finding that may change how we analyze body composition changes in response to high calorie diets. But to the general public,who can use this as an excuse, this may be more detrimental.


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