PHarmers: Saving America from Obesity

15 Oct



Kevin Coles/flickr


Let me start with Michel Nischan’s explanation of how the term “PHarmers” came into existence:

I have no idea how it came to me, but I came up with a one-word-notion approach to make the connection obvious, and dubbed the physicians in underserved communities the new American “PHarmers.”….I introduced the notion that because we are giving these noble folks the ability to provide the food their patients so desperately need to make the lifestyle change that can prevent expensive diseases, “PHarmers” seems appropriate.

What he’s referring to is the Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Program (FVRx) which, through a partnership between physicians and local farmer’s markers, provides lower-class Americans with the opportunity to fight obesity and its associated diseases by issuing prescriptions that can be exchanged for fresh fruits and vegetables.

Personally, I think this program has great long-term potential. While it primarily provides a “quick fix” to our obesity epidemic by providing immediate access to healthier foods, it also allows these individuals to teach the next generation how to live healthy–a crucial factor in halting our rising obesity statistics.

Interested? You can read more about the initiative here.


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