30 Sep

My current obsession: The gawkerverse. Foodgakwer. Dwellinggawker. Weddinggawker. Craftgawker. I love them all. Y’all should check out what these folks have been doing with the gawkerverse. I think it’s pretty amazing.

The popularity of the site does support the theory that the internet is transforming us into a “generation of magpie minds, as users hop from one bright trinket to another, rarely focussing long enough on any one topic to comprehend it thoroughly.” But, I’ll overlook that for now. Let me enjoy what is the gawkerverse for the time being. I’ll analyze the potentially detrimental effects it’s having on my intellect later.


P.S. Stay tuned for a post on White Russian Cupcakes. And yes. They will be spiked.

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